Instagram: David Attenborough and 5 other record breakers

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sir-david-attenborough-standing-on-the-grass-plainsConor McDonnell/WWF-UK
Sir David Attenborough has joined Instagram to try and connect with more people about the problems facing our planet.

Sir David Attenborough has taken the Instagram crown for the fastest account to reach one million followers.

The 93-year-old broadcaster and nature campaigner hit the one million mark in just four hours and 44 minutes.

He takes the record from American actress Jennifer Aniston. The Friends star hit the million mark in an amazing five hours and 16 minutes, but Sir David did it over 30 minutes quicker!

Sir David's total following grew to 2.5 million within 24 hours. Pretty impressive!

Here are some other Instagram record breakers...

First person to 100 million followers

selena-gomezGetty Images
Selena Gomez started out on the Disney channel like loads of other movie stars, including Zendaya and Demi Lovato.

Selena Gomez became the first person ever to gain 100 million followers in 2016.

The former Disney star and singer had the most followers for a long time.

When her fans saw she was nearly at a 100 million, they started the hashtag #selenabreaktheinternet to help her reach it.

Selena has also set records for having the most Twitter and Facebook followers too!

Most liked photo on Instagram

This could be the most popular egg on the planet!

You might think that this record belongs to a top model or maybe a world famous actor... well it was for a little bit!

Kylie Jenner held the record for some time until it was broken by an egg!

That's right, you may remember the viral campaign to get an egg to the top Insta spot.

The world famous egg currently has almost 55 million likes!

Most followed Instagram account

christiano-ronaldoGetty Images
Ronaldo is famous wherever he goes, and Instagram is no different.

Can you guess who it is going to be? Well, it's a bit of a trick question, because the most followed Instagram account is Instagram!

The official Instagram account has over 348 million followers.

A close runner up though is Cristiano Ronaldo. The football legend has over 218 million followers.

Most followed dog on Instagram

a-pomerian-dog-called-jiffpomGetty Images
Jiffpom has featured in films and a Katy Perry music video. What a talented pup!

Dogs are our best friends and are certainly popular on the internet.

But, there can't be many that are as popular as Jiff the Pomeranian or Jiffpom for short!

The small doggo has over 9 million Instagram followers, making him the most popular pooch on the platform.

Jiff isn't just a record breaking social media star though.

Jiffpom has also held Guinness World Record titles for the fastest time for a dog to cover 5 metres on its front legs (7.76 seconds) and fastest time for a dog to cover 10m on its hind legs (6.56 seconds).

Most followed cat on Instagram

a-cat-called-nalaGetty Images
How can you not love a face this cute and what a great neckerchief!

OK, so obviously we can't talk about dogs without mentioning cats!

The most followed kitty on Instagram is Nala Cat with over 4.3 million fans.

Nala was confirmed as the most followed moggy earlier this year by Guinness world records.

The super cute cat was adopted from a shelter by her owner Varisiri Methachittiphan.

She enjoys napping in boxes and has big blue eyes, what's not to love!

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