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Emojis: Emojipedia has released 200 emojis for next year

The people who make emohjis for your phone have just created 200 new ones - and you'll be able to access them from next year.
Good news phone fans, 217 new emojis have been approved and will come to devices in 2021. New ones include heart on fire, face in the clouds and lots of new mixed skin tone options for couples. Keep scrolling to see the others!
new emojisEmojipedia
Love is in the air because 200 out of 217 of the new emojis are changes to the 'couple with heart' and 'couple with kiss' emojis. At the moment there is only the yellow skin tone available. There will now be a wider choice of skin tones, which means couples can choose emojis that represent their skin tone better.
new emojis with more variety of skin tones for couplesEmojipedia
There are new faces too! They include face exhaling which shows relief or a sigh. A face surrounded by clouds which might mean confusion or a sense of calm. And finally a face with spiral eyes which could mean dizziness.
new emojis face exhaling, face in the clouds and face with spiral eyes.Emojipedia
Hearts are some of the most popular emojis, with the red heart in the top 10 used emojis on on different platforms according to Emojipedia. The new update will introduce mending heart and heart on fire.
new emojis mending heart with bandage on and heart on fire.Emojipedia
There are more beard options now too rather than just a man with a beard. They have tried to be gender inclusive offering a person with beard, as well as a man and woman with a beard.
new emojis including beards for man, woman and personEmojipedia