Summer 2020: What has been your highlight?

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a-girl-slides-on-her-stomach-on-a-water-slideGetty Images
Summer's over and we're sliding into autumn like...

Tuesday 22 September marks the end of summer and is the first official day of autumn.

It's known as the autumn equinox.

That means summer is offcially OVER (boo) so we want to know, what has been your summer 2020 highlight?

Lockdown rules and the coronavirus might have changed your plans and made things a bit different this year, but that doesn't mean you haven't been able to try out new skills or go on holiday in the UK.

a-person-with-long-blonde-hair-rides-a-unicycleGetty Images
Here we see a unicyclist in their natural habitat

Maybe you went on some awesome walks or got to spend more time at home with your parents?

Or perhaps you started a new hobby or developed a new talent? Maybe you have taken up painting or even unicycling!?

Whatever has been the best thing for you - we want to know. Drop us a comment below!

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