World Teachers' Day: Send us a video message for your teachers!

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Andria ZafirakouGetty Images
London teacher Andria Zafirakou won the Global Teacher Prize in 2018

World Teachers' Day is just around the corner! It's a day dedicated to teachers right across the world.

The very first World Teachers' Day took place on the 5th October back in 1994 and the annual event is an opportunity to celebrate the incredible teaching staff who work hard to make sure children get a great education.

The theme for 2020 is 'Teachers: leading in crisis, reimagining the future'.

The world of education has looked very different this year because of the coronavirus, with lots of you experiencing online lessons, social distancing in classrooms and support bubbles for the very first time.

Many teachers have gone above and beyond to make sure pupils are able to continue with their learning in a safe and positive environment.

Do you have a special message for a teacher or member of staff at your school? If so, we want to hear from you! You can send in a video sharing why your teacher inspires you using the link below, or leave us a comment.

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A parent can also help you upload your videos here.

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