Environment: Do you want a 'green job' in the future?

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Over two-thirds (68%) of kids hope to have a career that helps the environment, according to the Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET).

'Green jobs' aim to preserve and restore nature and include oceanographers, conservationists and environmental engineers.

The government recently promised to invest £40 million into creating thousands of these jobs in the UK.

But, 71% of children say they do not know enough about eco-friendly careers, which could stop them from finding their dream roles.

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Natural scientist, soil and plant scientists and ocean/Earth scientists are all green jobs

The research, which was carried out with children aged five to 13, also suggests that 'making a difference' is more important to children than money or fame.

The IET wants more to be done to help young people learn how to follow a 'green' career path, to stop their ambitions going to waste.

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'Green jobs' aim to find our more about our planet and preserve and restore it for future generations

They also found that many parents struggle to share guidance around what 'green jobs' are available and how children can go about getting them.

Dr Peter Bonfield, President at the IET, said: "It's clear that children have a real enthusiasm to help the environment but both young people and their parents need guidance in order to be able to turn their passion into future careers."

The group has created online guides with Blue Peter's Lindsey to help people understand more about green jobs and how to get one.

Lindsey said: "Climate change is one of the biggest issues we face as a generation and it's an extremely important time for us to take action so I'm honoured to be able to work with the IET to front this campaign.

"I've spoken to some incredibly talented people and hopefully the video series helps inform kids about the options they have to turn their passion into a career and help save the planet," she said.

What would be your dream 'green' job? Have your say below! If you have any other job ideas, we want to hear them. Tell us in the comments.

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