Coronavirus: Has your school had to send people home or close?

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Most of you will have returned to school and be settling back into the routine of being in the classroom.

Primary and secondary schools have put in lots of new important measures in place to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. However, many year groups have had to go home and some whole schools are already having to close because pupils or teachers have tested positive for coronavirus.

On Tuesday the Department of Education for Northern Ireland said that there have been 64 schools with positive coronavirus tests, from pupils or staff.

In Greater Manchester, Liverpool and Bradford many pupils have been sent home to self isolate after pupils or staff tested positive.

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Labour MP Matt Western said during a speech in the Commons on 7 September: "Just in the last week, a few days (from) of the start of term, we've had 46 cases in schools across the UK."

He added: "In Scotland there were 86 cases, a total of 158 schools have cases." He asked whether the government has the situation under control, with so many schools having to close.

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson replied: "We've put in place the strictest level of order to create that safe environment, not just for the children, not just for those who work in schools but for the community as a whole."

The Department of Education in England has not released the exact numbers cases or figures for schools being closed due to coronavirus but says it will release weekly attendance figures from 15 September.

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Schools have had to put lots of new measures in place including more frequent hand washing

The government has guidance in place on what happens if someone at school tests positive for coronavirus. You can read all about what measures there are here.

Schools closed...

A school in Suffolk closed after eight members of staff tested positive for the virus.

Pupils at Samuel Ward Academy will continue their learning from home. The school has had a deep clean and will be able to reopen soon.

Head teacher Andy Hunter said: "I share the disappointment of parents and children with this disruption to the start of the school year, but everyone's safety is our priority."

Has this happened to you?

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