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'I feel so much better, all my nerves are gone'

Schools in England and Wales have reopened this week, while more children in Northern Ireland are returning to lessons too, after several months of learning at home during lockdown.

They will be joining pupils in Scotland, where schools reopened several weeks ago, and years 7, 12 and 14 in Northern Ireland which returned last week.

Your school might look and feel a bit different because of changes, such as social distancing, to keep pupils as safe as possible.

But it still means being able to see friends, learning in a classroom and playing in the playground during break-time!

We asked you to vote for the best thing about being back in school, and here's what you told us!

Hanging out with my person!
kids in a playgroundGetty Images

Coming in top with nearly half of all your votes was, of course, seeing your friends again.

Unikitty4 said: "I am so excited to see all of my friends again! And to anyone who is starting secondary school it is amazing and you will have so much fun! ❤️"

While PenguinLover got in touch to say "I am so excited and nervous to go back to school. I have only seen one of my friends since the Covid-19 pandemic. Good luck to everyone starting secondary school".

Brainbox123 added: "I am going to year eight in two days and I am so excited to meet my friends again. Luckily the forms are not getting split up so I am looking forward to being back with them all. Also, I love getting new stationary too so I am definitely looking forward to going back to school!"

Learning new things
Pupils at Outwood Academy Adwick in DoncasterPA Media

The next most popular pick was getting the chance to learn new things in your lessons.

"The best bit about going back to school is learning new techniques and seeing my friends in person," said user U18639265.

While PurpleMelon is excited about "learning different and more important topics in PSHE".

Making new friends
Children in class on the first day back to school at Arbours Primary Academy in NorthamptonJoe Giddens / PA

Many of you also told us that you were starting new schools and were excited about making lots of new mates.

StandingProudSoldier left Newsround a comment after completing the first day of high school: "My form teacher was really nice and it just felt like home. I made new friends, and PE was the best bit, it was a bit hilarious."

And Emilyloverofchocolate said: "I have several things why I love returning to school. 1. Seeing friends! 2. Getting out of the house. 3. Making new friends!"

Being back in a classroom (it's easier to concentrate than at home!)
Children in class on the first day back to school at Arbours Primary Academy in NorthamptonPA Media

Home-schooling has been tough for everyone. For you, your parents and schools! Learning at home with so many distractions proved difficult.

So it's not surprising many of you told Newsround that you couldn't wait to return to an actual classroom.

AwesomegirI said: "I have been waiting since the start of lockdown to go back to school! I'm 1millon% excited!"

User U18669134 had a positive message for anyone worried about returning to class: "I'm already back to school in Scotland, and if you're just going back all you need to do is relax and not worry!"

Getting a new pencil case and stationery
Pencil caseGetty Images

As well as seeing your friends and getting out of the house, the fifth most popular pick in our vote was getting new stationery for the new school year.

BlueSparklyGymnast said: "I was really excited until I found out I was only with two of my friends in my form (we can't see the other forms) at secondary school. I suppose it's not so bad though as I have got loads of cute new stationery!"

And user U18335278 messaged us to say "I am really excited as I got lots of new stationery and a new watercolour pencils set".

What if you're worried about returning to school
Pupils social distance at Outwood Academy Adwick in DoncasterDanny Lawson / PA

Now returning to school is not exciting for everyone, some of you told Newsround that you were nervous.

Your school and classroom might look a bit different than normal but it's nothing to be worried about.

The government and your teachers are just making sure your learning environment is as safe as possible.

If you have any worries or concerns - make sure you speak to a teacher, parent or adult who you trust.

And there are some great tips here if you're worried about coronavirus.

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