Digital Detox Day: Can you ditch your devices? Here's how!

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Jordan from Rizzle Kicks wants as many people as possible to join in with the digital detox

Saturday 5 September is Digital Detox Day. It's a campaign which encourages people to - literally - switch off .

Yep, a whole 24 hours away from screens and everything that comes with them.

No, phones, tablets, TVs or games consoles - could you do it? Let us know in the vote below.

Zoella and Jordan Stephens from 'Rizzle Kicks' are backing the day and want people to join them in turning off.

It's also had support from celebs like Rita Ora, Little Mix, Saffron Barker and Jo Suggs.

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De'Graft speaks to Rizzle Kicks - Jordan Stephens all about Digital Detox Day

The day is in collaboration with another campaign called #IAMWHOLE - started by Zoella - which encourages people to speak up and change little things in their lives to improve their mental health.

One of them being, 'digital detoxing'.

All it means is that for a whole day people are encouraged to put down the screens and spend a day away from the world, wide, web.


"Comparison, criticism, cyberbullying, a disconnect from reality and real life. All of these things and how often we are scrolling can have such a negative impact on our mental health. This is why I am so happy to be working with Lush and #IAMWHOLE on the very first Digital Detox Day campaign, a day to reflect offline about how we live our lives online and to introduce boundaries into our social media usage.

Zoe Sugg, Youtuber - Zoella
How do I join in and why should I?
By posting a photo like this one you're letting your followers know you are digital detoxing!

Joining in is as simple as stepping away from social media and other electrical devices.

If you want to let people know you are joining in, you draw a circle on your hand with the word 'off' in the middle and post it on your social media on September 4th.

Social media is great, but there can be some pressure that comes with it, like all good things social media should be enjoyed in moderation.

The idea is that by switching off for just one day and seeing that there is more to the world than the inside of your phone, you'll feel better about stepping away more often.

Top Tips for joining in!
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1. Set goals that are achievable - set aside an amount of time that you feel you need away from your devices, start small and build it up!

2. Ask your family to join in! It could be fun for the whole family to unplug and doing something with another person makes it a lot easier.

3. Replace the things you'd do on your devices with things you miss out on when you're using them.

4. Plan your day - soon enough you'll forget you're 'detoxing'.

5. Out of sight... out of mind, put your devices somewhere you won't be looking at them.

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