Newsround is changing - here's how!

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Newsround is changing - here's how!

Newsround is making some changes to how we bring you the news each day!

From Tuesday, 1 September, we'll be bringing you one longer eight-minute bulletin each weekday on CBBC and BBC iPlayer - and you'll still be able to watch it shortly afterwards on the Newsround website.

The new time of the bulletin will be 7:45am, and there'll be a longer weekend bulletin at 8:20am on Saturdays and Sundays too.

There are going to be some changes made to the Newsround website too - you'll see even more stories being covered each day, as well as more features and fun quizzes.

A new Newsround YouTube channel is also being launched.

BBC Newsround presenters

The times of our daily bulletins changed earlier this year after schools were closed, so that more of you could stay across important stories while you were at home.

We're changing to one, longer daily bulletin because many of you are returning to school - and we know that's where lots of you watch Newsround.

But we know you like to stay in touch with Newsround when you're not at school too - which is why we want to have more amazing features and fun quizzes to play with on our website

"We are so excited to be relaunching Newsround with more online content, a longer bulletin and a YouTube channel that we know our audience will love," said Newsround editor Paul Plunkett.

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