Chocolate 'snow' covers Swiss town after glitch

Last updated at 07:28
Lindt chocolate selection on a shelfReuters
The technical glitch happened at a Lindt chocolate factory in Switzerland

It's what sweet dreams are made of! A town in Switzerland was left covered in tiny bits of chocolate after a glitch at a Lindt factory.

It started snowing cocoa powder after the air-cooling system at the chocolate factory in Olten broke down.

The technical malfunction affected its production line for roasted 'cocoa nibs', the Lindt & Spruengli company confirmed.

The nibs, which are small pieces of crushed cocoa beans, are one of the basic ingredients that make chocolate.

Cocoa powder covering a carTwitter / @olten
Cocoa powder scattered on a car roof in the Swiss town of Olten

The chocolate powder spread around the area on Friday morning, helped by strong winds, dusting one car near the factory with a cocoa coating,

The company said the air system has now been fixed, and production has returned to normal.

It also stressed that the cocoa dust was completely harmless to people and the environment.

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