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International Cat Day: Your cats!

To celebrate International Cat Day you've been sending in your purr-fect cat pictures! Take a look!
First up is Isabelle's cat Jules. Isabelle's mum found her in a stable and then took her home. She remembers opening the box and seeing the most adorable cat!
Jules the cat
Having a stretch is Catsarethebest3's cat, Cupcake. Catsarethebest3 says the name Cupcake "matches her daft personality. Even though she is mad, she is very entertaining and gentle. Her purr is the loudest in the world."
Cupcake the cat
Here’s Catfury’s Bella. Something has caught her eye... Is it a mouse! You'd better run!
This is CinnamonHorseRider's cat Bobby, he loves sunbathing and people scratching his chin, and when he gets to have both, he purrs loads because he's so happy!
Bobby the cat
What a cheeky face! Meet Rebelgirl3000's cat, Mischief!
Mischief the cat
This is Miaowpasta's cat Crumbles. She says: "Cupcake likes attention and cuddles. She's four months old and I love her. But as well as loving those things she is usually is very, very silly!"
Crumble the cat
What are you looking at? Evie's cat has her eyes on the camera!
Evie's cat
Kittens_happy sent us this photo of Baxter. They told us it was his birthday yesterday too and they love him! Aw!
A few days ago TartanTiger's cat Stewie celebrated his 12th birthday!
Stewie the cat
Here is photo of PersianPrince’s Persian cross called Aladdin. I wonder what this cat's three wishes would be?
This is Merlin’s cat Patch, she’s happy because she gets lots of cuddles and she gets a really comfy sofa.