Lego wants to help you learn about online safety

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Lego characters made out of bricksLego

Lego has launched a series of creative challenges for kids and their parents or carers.

It is part of a plan to help children learn more about online safety and how to be a good digital citizen.

Kids spend just 48 minutes talking with their parents about safety online, according to a 2019 study by Kaspersky, but Lego want to change that.

Their campaign, called Small Builds for Big Conversations, aims to get you building characters and talking about what they represent.

The physical features of the characters, including 'The Giggler', The 'Watch-Outs' and 'The Chameleon', show both the positive and negative areas of life online.

Each character takes around 10 minutes to make using any bricks you might already have.

Lego characters made out of bricksLego

Parents and carers also have their own page, which gives them tips on how to discuss issues including online bullying and trolling, strangers, in-game purchases as well as privacy and sharing.

Lego say some parents find talking about online safety tricky, but because of the coronavirus lockdown the time you spend online may be four times as much as before.

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Small Builds for Big Conversation is free and you can use any Lego that you might already have

Anna Rafferty, Vice President Digital Consumer Engagement at Lego, said: "We understand the power of learning through play, which is why we've made the conversations playful. Lego bricks are great for sparking imagination and storytelling, so building characters while talking will make the experience more memorable and enjoyable for parents and kids.

"Today's young children will live their lives online and many have their first digital experience before their first birthday. Being a good digital citizen is critical for their development."

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