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Smashed it! Take a look at the Potato Photographer of the Year entries

An unusual photography competition all about potatoes asked photographers to enter their most a-peel-ling potato pics! It was all to raise money for a food bank charity.
This potato's trip to the hairdressers was captioned 'The End of Lockdown' and received first place!
potato-having-a-hair-cutRay Spence - Potato Photographer of the Year
Judge Nigel Atherton described this second place photograph as an alien life-form, photographed on the surface on a barren planet by a Nasa robot.
potato-that-looks-like-an-alienDavid White - Potato Photographer Year
This entry looks rather...sluggish! This potato was named 'Potato Slug'.
potato-that-looks-like-a-slugLaure Gibault - Potato Photographer of the Year
Judge Martin Parr said it was "reassuring" to see a helping of chips and mayonnaise. This photo is called Frites in Bruges!
chips-covered-in-mayoWilliam Richardson Potato Photographer of the year
'Planting Jersey Royals' was called "a very well arranged image" by judge Martin Parr.
people-planting-potatoesPeter Huburt - Potato Photographer of the Year
All smiles for this photograph. This photo was shot from the inside of the photographer's mouth!
potato-smiley-photographed-from-inside-the-photographers-mouthJustin Quinnell - Potato Photographer of the Year
This photo was called '2030' and the judge Nigel Atherton said: "I like the humour in this image and have nothing but admiration for the effort the photographer went to in order to create it."
woman-stood-with-colander-on-her-head-holding-potatoesAmy D’Agorne - Potato Photographer of the Year