Coronavirus: PPE pollution and what's being done

You'll have seen lots of people wearing facemasks and gloves - but have you spotted them littering pavements, beaches and parks too?

Lots of this personal protective equipment - otherwise known as PPE - is made out of plastic and it is not being thrown away properly after being used.

As well as causing a mess, the masks and gloves can pollute rivers, canals and seas and as a lot of PPE can't be re-used it's likely they'll end up in landfills too.

Environmental campaigners say the coronavirus pandemic is causing a serious challenge in the battle against plastic pollution.

The Marine Conservation Society will be carrying out the Great British Beach Clean in September and it is asking volunteers to look out for PPE for the first time.

So what can you do? If you are using disposable items, make sure they are thrown away properly in bins. But facemasks don't have to be disposable - you can buy or make your own mask out of material that can be washed and used again.

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