CBBC's The Next Step's first same-sex kiss!

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Cleo said: "When I dance with Jude, I feel safe and free all at the same time. When we dance together, it's like magic."

The world has come a long way in supporting LGBTQ+ rights and CBBC have taken a huge step.

On Wednesday July 22, two female characters, Jude and Cleo from 'The Next Step' kissed.

This was the first same-sex kiss to air on CBBC and many people have said it was an important moment for LGBTQ+ rights.

Why are people so excited about a same-sex kiss?

Even though people from the LGBTQ+ community have gained many rights in the UK over the last 50 years, some people still don't accept same-sex relationships and queer identities.

Homophobia is when people dislike (or have prejudice towards) gay people.

Up until 1967 it was illegal for men to be in a same-sex relationship in Britain.

Talking about LGBTQ+ relationships on a show for children, is still a relatively new thing.

'The Next Step' recognised how important it was to show all kinds of relationships, and it seems the viewers thought so too!

Lots of fans commented on social media about the kiss, one fan said:

"YES! I'm so proud of how far The Next Step has come and how it's helped pioneer CBBC,"

Another commented about how showing this kiss would help lots of others feel accepted:

"When kids [shows] have representation like this it honestly makes me so happy because I know there are kids out there who will feel less alone than I did."

A spokesperson for CBBC has said:

CBBC is proud to reflect all areas of children's lives, including age appropriate representation of same sex relationships, across our factual and fictional output.'

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