Cycling: Scotland sees huge increase as government tries to promote healthy travel

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Scotland has seen a huge rise in the number of people cycling over the last year.

A study by Cycle Scotland found there was a fivefold increase in the number of journeys made on a bike, while there was also a big drop in the number of cars being used.

The charity uses cameras in 97 locations across the country to monitor what vehicles are being used over a 48-hour period.

One road in Dundee recorded an incredible increase of 230%!

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"It's encouraging to see such a dramatic increase," said Cycling Scotland's monitoring and development officer, Natalie Cozzolino.

"Supporting access to bikes and places to store them is also key to enabling more people to choose travel by bike, helping us address the climate emergency we face and creating a healthier, sustainable future for everyone."

Last week the government in Scotland announced they had allocated £30m for pop-up bike lanes to help make more space for walking and cycling.

"Walking, wheeling and cycling protects our climate, improves our air quality and brings profound benefits to our physical and mental health," said Scotland's Transport Secretary Michael Matheson.

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