New 20/21 football kits: What's your favourite shirt for next season?

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new kits for next season.Getty Images

We all know that while goals and points matter, being able to say your team has the best kit is one of the truly important things about supporting a football team.

Happily, it is now the time of year when lots of clubs release their brand new football shirts for next season.

But, like a lot of things with football this summer, it's a bit unusual at the moment because coronavirus has meant lots of teams haven't actually finished this season yet.

It has meant that clubs including Chelsea and Bournemouth have already started wearing next season's shirt, this season.

We've taken a selection of the new kits which have already been released and we want you to vote for your favourite.

Perhaps you like the zig-zag pattern of Inter Milan inspired by the famous Italian designers of the 1980s, the Barcelona kit made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles or the classic West Ham shirt which has been made to celebrate 125 years of the club.

Let us know in the comments section below which kit you've chosen and why you've chosen it.

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