Coronavirus: 10 million children may never go back to school says new report

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Many children around the world aren't expected to return to the classroom

Almost 10 million children all over the world may never return to school because of the impact of the coronavirus according to a new report.

The findings, from the charity Save The Children, reveal the number of children not attending school because of current lockdown measures peaked at 1.6 billion globally.

Experts say cuts to funding for education and increasing levels of poverty caused by the pandemic, could mean the end of school forever for millions of children, with many more falling behind in their learning.

Children who end up never returning to the classroom may have to start work to help provide for their families.

Girls are more likely to be suffer from the impact of leaving education than boys, and some will end up being forced into marriages, according to the report.

Before the pandemic, around 258 million children and teenagers around the world weren't attending school.

The impact of the coronavirus could see that number rise and 12 countries are at extreme risk of young students dropping out of education including Nigeria, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen.

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Lots of children aren't able to attend school at the moment due to lockdown measures

The charity wants governments around the world to invest in education as schools begin to open up once again in order to make sure as many kids as possible are given the opportunity to continue going to school.

"Around 10 million children may never return to school - this is an unprecedented education emergency and governments must urgently invest in learning," said Kevin Watkins who is the CEO of Save the Children UK.

He is also calling for governments to give children access to distance learning while lockdown measures are still in place and to offer support for those who have fallen behind in their learning.

In England, several year groups have already returned to school and lots more across the UK have been continuing with their learning online while they are a home.

However, factors like a lack of access to the internet or technology like laptops has made distance learning more difficult for some students.

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