Meet the teen taking the free-travel fight to the government

Kids in London are going to lose their right to free travel on the city's public transport.

The government have insisted Transport for London (TFL) end the travel-perk for under-18s as part of a £1.6bn bailout due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The service, like many transport networks across the UK, has lost huge amounts of money during the lockdown after people stopped using their services.

Josh is 14 and uses London's buses and train network to get to school and go to the shops - so he's asking the government to change their demands on TFL.

He started an online petition and wrote to Transport Secretary Grant Shapps asking him to keep travel for children free.

The Department for Transport responded to Josh and said: "We want to assure him that the decision about under-18 travel is a temporary measure to help tackle the spread of Covid-19 and reduce the risk of crowding on our transport network"

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