Lockdown easing: What are your plans for this weekend?

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There have been some big lockdown changes in England this weekend, so we want to know what you've got planned to make the most of them.

Restaurants, theme parks, cinemas, playgrounds and hairdressers are all now able to open.

Two households can meet up indoors too. This means in England you can visit your friends or family at home and even stay overnight.

So, you could go on holiday together or camp in neighbouring tents. Social distancing rules still need to be followed though with households staying at least one metre apart - that means no hugs yet (unless you're in a support bubble).

If you are shielding, there are extra rules you should talk to an adult about.

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We want to know what you've got planned.

Maybe you've got family coming over for Sunday dinner, or you're watching a film at your grandparent's house. Or perhaps you're going for a sleepover at your friend's.

Are you heading for a haircut? Getting ready to ride on a rollercoaster or preparing to pitch your tent in the great outdoors with your pals?

There are different rules in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales so maybe you're looking forward to when lockdown rules in your area relax, so you can do some of these things?

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