Lockdown: Siblings create incredible chalk art for 97 days in a row

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WATCH: Siblings create incredible chalk art 97 days in a row!

Lots of people have been finding creative ways to spend lockdown - but check out these siblings who've taken it to another level!

Macaire, 14, and Camden, 9, are from Illinois in America, have been making some amazing chalk art.

From dinosaurs to diners, they seem to have drawn everything, and Cam has even been getting involved in the art itself!

Check out their amazing creations...

Riding through a field of tulips, a nice way to 'get away' during lockdown
Dining in style!
Here's Cam just chilling at Hopper's Diner with his toy rabbit, that shake looks yummy

The arty pair say they've lost count of the number of boxes of chalk they've used, but their guess is around 10 boxes so far!

Family, friends, neighbours and even local businesses have given them some chalk to keep them going during lockdown.

Jumping with the kangaroos
Ever played rope with kangaroos? Cam shows off his skipping skills

The whole family works together on the project - Dad cleans their driveway every night and Mum makes sure Macaire has enough chalk.

Friends with the dinosaurs
Good job that dinosaur looks friendly

They've even thought about what to do when it is raining. Macaire's dad cleared a spot in the basement so they could draw on the concrete floor.

This has allowed her to carry on doing her chalk drawings for 97 days in a row (and counting)!

A lockdown holiday to London
Cam taking a walk along the Thames in London, England

Dad started out climbing up a tall ladder to take the picture, but by day 40 he bought a drone to help take the photos.

Taking the pictures from above allowed Macaire to increase the size of her chalk art and make larger scale pictures.

A view from Venice
Cam on a gondola in Venice, Italy

Macaire uses all kinds of chalk and blends different colours to get the one she wants.

A trip to Abbey Road
Here's Cam with The Beatles recreating the cover art of their album Abbey Road

Neighbourhood kids often stop by to watch her as she creates the chalk art.

Kids also come to take their picture in the art, after the family have done it first, of course!

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