China passes controversial new law for Hong Kong

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Protester throwing a tear-gas canister back at the policeAFP
Protests rocked Hong Kong in 2019

China's government has passed a new law that gives it more power over Hong Kong - but lots of people living there aren't happy with what it will mean for their freedoms.

It will come into force from 1 July.

Over the last year there have been lots of protests in Hong Kong as the government in China suggested several new laws for the region.

A law that changed how crimes were dealt with, and sparked many protests was dropped, but people feel this new law is even stronger and will end their freedom of speech, as well as stop them from protesting if they're unhappy with how Hong Kong is being run.

Chinese flags in BeijingGetty Images
The bill will give China greater control of Hong Kong

Hong Kong used to be controlled by the UK and this led to life there being very different to the rest of China. The differences mean that many people in Hong Kong don't want the Chinese government getting too involved in how the area is run and their unique laws.

Some critics are worried that it could mean life in jail if they break the new law by doing things like protesting.