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World Oceans Day: Check out these amazing ocean pics

Check out these awesome pictures - they're the winners of the United Nations World Oceans Day Photo Competition.
This amazing picture, captured by a scuba diver in the Pacific Ocean, won the Underwater Life category. Michael Gallagher, who took it, said: "I encountered this magnificent sea anemone closed up against the current, revealing its vivid red underside. As I studied it more closely, this resident pink skunk anemone fish stuck its head out... to inspect the intruder in its territory." Wow!
sea-anemone-red-fish.Michael Gallagher
Leighton Lum took this picture in Maui, Hawaii during an afternoon swim. It shows an amazing sunset and a lot of sea turtles. This pic came first in the Rejuvenation category. Turtle-y cool!
sea-turtles-cove-sunset.Leighton Lum
Here are some sandy anemones in South Africa. Geo Cloete's photo took the prize for the best Above Water Seascape. Geo said: "Tidal pools fascinate me. Where most other environments on Earth operate on a yearly clock following the four seasons, tidal pools follow a twice-daily clock. The creatures who call tidal pools their home, need to be well adapted in order to survive in these very dynamic environments. One such creature is these sandy anemones."
sandy-anemones-south-africa.Geo Cloete
Seventeen-year-old Kyla took this photo while heading to Catalina Island, California, on her family boat. She said: "The water was perfectly glossy when we were joined by a pod of common dolphin surfing in our wake." Judges thought her picture was so good it won the Youth category.
dolphin.Kyla McLay
Imagine coming face to face with a sea turtle! This brilliant shot shows a scuba diver meeting a male Hawksbill sea turtle in the Red Sea. Renata Romeo's snap won the Human Interaction category. Renata said "I just had the chance to make one shot and he suddenly came very close to me very intrigued by my mask, perhaps because he was able to reflect himself on it... Never has such a thing ever happened to me again, so I feel lucky to have had such a moment."
scuba-diver-under-sea-turtle.Renata Romeo
You might not believe it, but this photo is of someone gardening... well they're doing it 10 metres under the sea surface in Italy. Nemo's Garden is being used to try out alternative ways of growing things such as basil, lettuce, strawberries and tomatoes, in extreme environments. Its systems are designed so they can produce fresh water through condensation and they're powered by solar and wind energy. It's thought it could be useful for space travel and possible future missions to Mars! Joanna Smart's photo not only won the Innovation category, but was the competition's overall winner too.
underwater-gardener.Joanna Smart
Here is a pair of California sheep head and a giant sea star in the kelp forest around one of California’s Channel Islands. They're incredibly rich habitats and are home to lots of colourful creatures. Judges thought Hannes Klostermann's pic was the best Underwater Seascape. What do you think to it?
california-sheep-head-giant-sea-star-under-sea.Hannes Klostermann