Duchess of Cambridge: Amazing pictures from Catherine's lockdown photography project

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Kate launched her special lockdown project last month

Last month, the Duchess of Cambridge asked the public to send in pictures of life in lockdown for a special project known as 'Hold Still'.

There have been lots of amazing entries so far, which include photos of nurses taking a nap, families making music at home and parents with young toddlers attempting to work and keep them entertained.

The Duchess is still looking for submissions that show a snapshot of the impact lockdown has had on the nation.

"There have been so many amazing entries to Hold Still over the last few weeks," the Duchess said.

"From families up and down the country showing how they are adapting to life during lockdown, through to some of the most amazing NHS and social care staff who are putting their lives on the line to save the lives of others.

"But it isn't too late to take part. So please take a moment to capture what life is like for you, because together I hope that we can build a lasting illustration of just how our country pulled together during the pandemic."

There will be 100 images chosen for a virtual exhibition which will be hosted on the National Portrait Gallery's website, with more pictures being shown throughout the rest of the year.

Fancy getting a sneak peak at some of the awesome entries? Take a look at the pictures below and let us know which one was your favourite picture and why in the comments!

toddler-and-dad-in-messy-living-room.PA Media

This toddler seems to have tired themselves out from playing while their dad works from home in the background.

nurses-sleeping.PA Media

Nurses right across the UK have been working incredibly hard to help tackle the spread of the coronavirus. The two in this picture are taking a well deserved nap during their break.

girl-with-union-jack-picture.PA Media

Many people celebrated VE indoors this year, but that didn't stop the festivities. This girl drew the Union Jack and created some colourful homemade bunting to mark the occasion.

children-and-dad-with-musical-instruments.PA Media

What's better than playing some music? Playing music with friends of course! This dad and his kids came together to form their very own front garden band with their next door neighbour, complete with guitars, a drum and even a maraca for the baby.

girl-with-mask.PA Media

It's pretty common to see people in masks when you're out and about nowadays. This girl wore one as she posed for this picture.

baby-and-grandma-at-window.PA Media

A big part of lockdown for lots of people has been time away from friends and family. This grandma was still able to show her grandson some love even though the two were separated by a window.

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