How to spot fake news and misinformation online

We see videos and news stories every day on social media and other places online.

Sharing videos online can be a very powerful tool.

But some people and organisations share content that is purposefully meant to mislead people.

This can be for lots of reasons, but mainly to try and influence people to believe something or to take a certain view.

There are ways to check this though, Mariana has some tips to think about when you see videos online...

TIP 1: Ask some questions; does this photo or video look like it is where it says it is?

TIP 2: Think; is this photo or video being used to make you have an emotional response? If it is, check who is sharing it.

TIP 3: Is the video one sided? Does it seem like it is meant to make you angry at a person or group of people? Individuals and groups share videos like this to spread hatred and distrust.

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