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The Queen's 'Thank you' for Emilia

Seven-year-old Emilia from Northamptonshire was worried that lockdown could be making the Queen lonely, so she decided to write her a letter to check in and to her surprise received one back!
Emilia has been missing her own granny and when she heard that the Queen would be isolating at Windsor Castle, Emilia wondered if Her Majesty was missing her own grandchildren and feeling a little lonely and decided she would write her a letter.
Emilia wrote this card and asked The Queen how she was finding lockdown. She also explained how she herself had been spending her days: having walks, watching films and playing on their console.
When lockdown first started the teachers at Emilia's school suggested to her class they could write letters to people and Emilia saw this as the perfect opportunity to see how Queen Elizabeth was doing.
But no-one writes to the Queen and expects a letter back! But there was a huge surprise for Emilia when a letter arrived with the Royal Crest on the envelope! As a special 'Thank you' to Emilia, the Queen asked one of her ladies in waiting to write back to Emilia thanking her for her letter, drawing and kind words! (A lady in waiting is like one of the Queen's personal assistants).
Emilia's mum says that when she read the letter, Emilia was grinning from ear to ear! Well done Emilia!