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Clap For Our Carers: Pictures from this week's celebration of the NHS

People across the country have once again been clapping, cheering, and dancing to show their support for NHS and key workers during the coronavirus pandemic.
This boy and girl clapped for the NHS in Betley, and stood in front of their rainbow sign which says 'thank you'.
boy-girl-clapping.Getty Images
An Irish dancer performed outside of Belfast City Hospital to show appreciation for everything that the NHS are doing
belfast-irish-dancer.PA Media
In Walthamstow, residents made lots of noise for the NHS - including this boy who banged n his drum.
family-clap.Getty Images
People aren't the only ones who got involved in the celebrations - check out this dog's costume!
Prime Minister Boris Johnson joined in the weekly cheer outside Downing street. See the rainbows in the window - do you have one too?
This NHS worker in London showed appreciation for her colleagues by taking part in the clapping. People are also waving up to staff looking out of the hospital windows.
This girl in Leeds made sure that the NHS workers could hear her appreciation!
girl-family-clap-carers.PA Media
Playing music has become a big part of #Clapforourcarers and in London these people played the harp and flute to their neighbours as part of the celebrations.
girl-plays-instrument.Getty Images