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Half term is just around the corner!

Normally some of you might be going away over the school holidays, with camping a popular choice, but things are a little different this year with many of us in lockdown.

But being at home doesn't need to be boring! It's the perfect opportunity to get creative and find ways to bring the great outdoors right to your doorstep!

Here are some top tips if you fancy giving camping at home a go.

Set up camp in the garden or living room
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No camping experience would be complete without a cool place to hide out.

If you've got a garden and access to a tent, why not try setting it up? You'll have the benefit of being close to the kitchen for when you start to get a little peckish!

If you don't have a tent or garden, try building a fort in your living room! Lots of household objects like cushions, blankets and bed sheets can be used to create your own unique space, and if you're indoors, you don't have to worry about the weather either - or running to the loo in the middle of the night through a field!

Go on an expedition
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Gardens are wonderful places to explore. From flowers and trees to bugs and birds, it's likely your backyard is absolutely teeming with wildlife.

You can set yourself the challenge to see how many different types of plants and insects you can spot. This also works if you don't have access to a garden.

If you get the chance to go out on a walk or take a trip to the local park, why not try and identify as much wildlife as you can? Try spotting wildflowers with our cool guide, or check out the birds! You can turn this into your very own treasure hunt and you might even want to make it a bit of a competition with a special prize.

Have a sports day
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Camping provides the perfect opportunity to be active and you can still get moving at home.

If you're outside, why not have a game of football, badminton or tag? You could even have a go at some traditional sports day activities like an egg and spoon or sack race, tug of war and even a three-legged race if you've got a partner!

You can still have lots of active fun if you're indoors too. Why not have an epic game of hide and seek, you could try your hand at indoor bowling and even have a go at a sock toss.

Cook outside
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What's a camping trip without some yummy food? Popular choices include sausages, toasted marshmallows and a good old sandwich.

You might even fancy trying some food combinations you've never had before!

If you're outside, barbecued food is a great option. Make sure you get an adult to cook this with you though.

If you can't get outside to cook - get a grown-up to help you make some yummy recipes inside on the grill.

Tell spooky stories
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A good story can be told absolutely anywhere, all you need for this is a buzzing imagination!

You can have a go at coming up with you own scary story, or a tale of adventure if ghosts and ghouls aren't up your street.

Why not try coming up with a story with your fellow campmates? Each person can add a new line to the tale and the fun is that no one will have any idea where it'll go!

We want you to send in videos showing us what you get up to over the half-term hols, whether you have a crack at camping at home or get up to some other exciting stuff!

Perhaps you're looking to create your very own home cinema complete with sweet treats, maybe you'll be getting your Picasso on with some arts and crafts, or you might even be looking to make some delicious bakes. Whatever it is, we want to hear from you!

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