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Dominoes show how social distancing can help

Under social distancing guidelines, to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, everyone has been told to stay at least two metres apart.

Although the rules in every country are slightly different, social distancing in some form or another is in place all around the world.

Here are some of the most creature ways people have been making sure they don't get too close together.

Big shoes

A Romanian cobbler, which is another name for shoemaker, has come up with a unique way of keeping people apart.

Grigore Lup, from the Transylvanian city of Cluj, noticed people were not respecting the rules of social distancing.

So Lup started to make long leather shoes to make sure people followed social distancing. They come in a European size 75, which is a UK size 31!

Social media filters
Peter-crouch-snapchat-filter.BBC Creative
A new snapchat feature uses Peter Crouch to work out social distancing

Lots of things are two meters in length; door frames, beds, former Premier League footballer Peter Crouch...

Yes, if you imagine the retired footballer Peter Crouch lying on the floor, you could stick to social distancing rules if one person stood by his feet and another person stood next to his head.

But now you don't need to imagine Peter Crouch lying on the floor, because soon a new Snapchat filter called 'Two Metre Peter' made by BBC Creative, means you can use Crouch to make sure people stay far enough away.

Peter-Crouch-lying-next-to-a-watering-can.Reuben Dangoor /BBC Creative
A new snapchat filter lets you use retired footballer Peter Crouch to work out two metres
Giant hats
Special hats in German cafe.Cafรฉ & Konditorei Rothe

A Cafรฉ in the city of Schwerin in German TV celebrated its reopening by giving customers these special hats to help with social distancing.

The straw hats have a pool noodle on the top to make you more aware of how close you are to other people.

They were more of a gimmick than an actual rule by the cafe, but they certainly are eye-catching!

More big hats
child wearing social distancing hatsZhejiang Daily / @SixthTone
child wearing social distancing hatWeibo

School children at Yangzheng Primary School in China are taking social distancing seriously.

Each student made their own hat to make sure they were staying far enough apart from their friends.

This boy attached cardboard to his cap, but others were even more creative making hats out of balloons.

Even bigger big hats
This woman made her own hat using a metre stick. Le Parisien.

A woman living in Paris has created her own social distancing hat to wear in the street to stop people getting too close.

She has taped a one metre sign to the back of a cap which reads "Ceci est un chapeau d'un mรจtre, veuillez respecter la distance", which in English means: "This is a one-metre hat, please respect the distance".

People-in-India-holding-umbrellas.Twitter/Thomas Isaac

An Indian politician shared this picture showing how umbrellas are being used to ensure people stay a safe distance apart.

In some areas it has been made compulsory that everyone carries an opened umbrella when they leave their house.

Two opened umbrellas, not touching each other, helps to make sure people stay a minimum distance of one metre from one another.

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