How does lockdown change from today in England?

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From today, people in England can spend more time outside and do things they couldn't in previous weeks, as lockdown rules get less strict.

The changes come after the government issued new rules on Monday.

Under the new rules, people can spend more time outdoors for leisure purposes, including sunbathing, having a picnic in the park or doing sport - but social distancing rules must always be followed.

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People can exercise as much as they want as well as meet or play non-contact sports, like golf or tennis, with one other person from outside their household - but social distancing rules still apply. Having a friend over in your garden wouldn't be allowed if it meant they'd have to come inside your house.

Playgrounds and outdoor gyms, where there's a higher risk of close contact and touching surfaces, will stay shut.

"We want to make life as healthy, bearable and social as possible, whilst controlling the virus and saving lives. That is why we have worked to find safe ways to enable more people to spend more time outdoors."

Robert Jenrick, UK government's Communities Secretary

People in England can also drive as far as they like to outdoor open spaces. However, they shouldn't travel to Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, nor stay anywhere else overnight, and should avoid busy areas so social distancing rules can be followed.

People who break rules can be fined.

Anyone who is shielding and has been asked to stay at home should carry on doing so.

The government is still advising people to only use public transport for essential journeys.

Garden centres can reopen and people can leave their homes to collect items ordered from businesses, and travel to waste or recycling centres.

Some people who can't do their job from home are being encouraged to return to work, but employers must keep workplaces as safe as possible.

There are differences in lockdown rules for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, who are keeping stricter rules in place and keeping the message 'stay at home'.

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In Scotland and Wales, people have been allowed to exercise more than once a day since Monday this week. In Wales people should start and finish exercise from home. In Northern Ireland you can drive to a safe space for exercise.

From 1 June, changes to schools are expected in England and it's hoped that cultural and sporting events can take place behind closed doors for broadcast on TV, radio and online.