It's David Attenborough's 95th birthday today!

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It's Sir David Attenborough's 95th birthday today!

The broadcaster, naturalist and all-round living legend is celebrating another year.

He's been helping people develop a greater appreciation for the world around them throughout his epic career.

Here are some reasons why so many love him!

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Happy 91st Birthday David Attenborough
He's always had an obsession with nature
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David Attenborough was born in London on May 8, 1926. He grew up in quite an urban environment, but showed a real love for nature and all things outdoors by the age of seven. He enjoyed collecting things like fossils and stones and ended up with a pretty impressive collection.

David later went on to study natural sciences at Cambridge University. The subject looks at different aspects of science including physics, chemistry, geology and biology.

He's been bringing nature to our living rooms for years
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David Attenborough interacting with lemurs at London Zoo

David Attenborough began his career at the BBC after serving in the Royal Navy for two years.

He ended up launching a series called Zoo Quest in 1954 which involved animals being filmed not only in captivity, but also in the wild.

This meant that camera crews travelled to distant places in order to capture different species in their natural habitats. The show proved to be very popular and is said to have sparked a wider appetite for the well-loved nature documentaries we see today.

He's shared his passion with royals
david-attenborough-prince-charles-and-princess-anne.Getty Images

David Attenborough's incredible work has allowed him to meet lots of different people and he's even won a Blue Peter badge for his contributions!

He met a young Prince Charles and Princess Anne in 1958 during their tour of the BBC studios where he introduced them to a three-year-old cockatoo.

He's spoken out on climate change
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When Greta Thunberg met Sir David Attenborough (via Skype)

David Attenborough hasn't shied away when it comes to issues surrounding climate change and the importance of looking after our planet.

He met 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg for the first time via Skype back in 2019. The pair discussed the climate crisis and shared their thoughts on how to make an environmental impact.

He's loved by kids and adults alike!
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David Attenborough answers kids' questions

David Attenborough is loved by adults and children all over world, so much so that his face made an appearance in cake form during last year's series of The Great British Bake Off!

He's also answered lots of kids' questions on a range of importance topics including what his favourite dinosaur is, his favourite country and the animal he's most scared of.