Coronavirus: Hotels in Japan using robots to help guests

Last updated at 14:07
Pepper the robot is helping coronavirus patients, it even wears a mask to encourage others to stay safe

Hotels in Japan have started using robots to help look after guests who might have coronavirus.

People with mild coronavirus symptoms are staying in some hotels in Tokyo instead of taking up places in busy hospitals.

The robots have been helping to look after them so that they don't spread the virus to the human staff, and it means health workers can focus on treating people with serious symptoms.

Japan has reserved more than 10,000 rooms in hotels for guests who have mild symptoms of the virus, according to the country's health ministry.

Robot helpers

One hotel has a friendly robot named 'Pepper' who is there to greet the guests and spread positive messages such as "I hope you recover as quickly as possible".

Some of Pepper's other friendly messages are: "Let's join our hearts and get through this together," and "I pray the spread of disease is contained as soon as possible".

Pepper and Whiz with some of their human workmates

There are other robots helping out in hotels too. One robot, Whiz, is a cleaner with the latest artificial intelligence whose job it is to clean the parts of the hotel where the guests with symptoms are staying.

Whiz's work is really useful because it means the people who work at the hotel don't have to go to areas with sick people.

This reduces the chance of them catching and spreading the virus themselves.