Captain Tom sent more than 25,000 100th birthday cards

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Many of us cheered as Captain Tom Moore - a 99-year-old retired soldier - completed his final lap of his garden.

Captain Tom looped around his garden 100 times using his walking frame. His original plan was to raise £1,000 for the NHS.

His actions inspired thousands to donate and he has now raised over £27 million for the NHS and released a charity single!

Although his 100th birthday isn't for another week, Captain Tom has already got a lot more than 25,000 cards to celebrate his special day sent in members of the public.

Capt Tom with grandson Benji, daughter Hannah Ingram-Moore and granddaughter GeorgiaPA Media
Capt Tom Moore with grandson Benji, daughter Hannah Ingram-Moore and granddaughter Georgia

There were so many birthday cards Royal Mail had to programme a special sorting machine to process all the post going to Captain Tom's house.

Royal Mail will even be celebrating Captain Tom's birthday in their own special way, by using a special postmark wishing him a happy 100th birthday. It will appear on all stamped mail across the UK starting next week.

Many of you have spoken about what an inspiration he is to you.

We want to hear your stories - how has Tom inspired you? What has he motivated you to do?

How have you been inspired by Captain Tom?

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Frank starts to walk 10 metres a day

Six-year-old Frank has a condition called spina bifida - which means he needs to walk using a frame like Captain Tom.

After seeing what Captain Tom was able to achieve, Frank was inspired to walk 10 metres a day to raise money for the NHS - an incredible thing for Frank to do!

Frank's efforts have seen him beat his original aim of raising £99.

Now he has been able to raise an incredible £90,000 in just a few days!

Tell us your story! Have you been inspired to do something for charity? Let us know in the comments!

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