Banksy: Artist starts spraying on his own house walls!

Last updated at 11:36
Banksy's bathroom decorated with rat artBanksy

Famous British artist Banksy has shown off some of the artwork he's been doing during self-isolation - drawing rat-art all over his bathroom!

We're used to seeing the secretive graffiti artist's work on the sides of buildings but now that most people in the UK are staying at home, he's had to change what he does too.

Sharing the images on social media, he said: "My wife doesn't like it when I work from home," and we can understand - he's covered his bathroom with cheeky rats making a mess, running around and pushing things over!

Rat running above a roll of toilet paperBanksy
Does this represent the British public rushing to buy toilet rolls a few weeks ago?

Few people know the true identity of the graffiti artist and he doesn't seem to have given away any secrets in this recent piece.

But his art isn't just to look nice - there's always a deeper meaning.

So could he be describing toilet roll panic buying with the rat above?

Banksy's bathroom decorated with rat artBanksy
Banksy has often used rats in his artwork and this is the latest example of it

Or is he describing what it's like working or schooling from home with the mess and the cheekiness of the rats?