Isolation walk bingo: Have you tried it?

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Try out this game on your next daily walk!

There are lots of ways to spend the time while we're all staying at home.

You could sit in on some lessons taught by celebs, you could stay in touch with family and friends in a watch party, or check out these other ways to pass the time.

A lot of people are enjoying walking as an activity - but have you tried a game of isolation bingo on your daily walk?

What is isolation walk bingo?

A few people have been taking part in this trend.

People write a list of things they could potentially see on a walk before they go - then tick them off if they find them.

This could be anything from birds, cherry blossom trees or different types of dogs.

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Have you spotted any of these dogs on your walks?

If you want to play you can make your own bingo card and mark off the things you spot as you go!

Have you been playing this game?What kinds of things are on your bingo card?

And what kinds of things have you found? Let us know in the comments!

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