Coronavirus: Prince William and Kate video chat to key workers' kids

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made a video call to the children of key workers at a school in Lancashire

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been video chatting to the kids of key workers.

Prince William and Kate are currently self-isolating with their three children at home in Norfolk due to the coronavirus outbreak.

They decided to video chat to a school in Burnley that has stayed open to support the children of key workers.

William and Kate spoke to two boys who had drawn pictures of their mothers, who are both key workers, and told the royals how proud they are of their parents.

They also said that it wasn't too bad staying in school as they could make some new friends!

prince-william-and-kate-waving.Getty Images

The Royal couple also thanked the teachers for their hard work, and for keeping their school open - even during the Easter holidays - to help support key workers.

William's father Prince Charles tested positive for coronavirus, but is now in 'good health' and out of self-isolation after seven days in quarantine.

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