Autism: 11-year-old Elliott gives us his lockdown tips

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Autism: 11-year-old Elliott gives us his lockdown tips

11-year-old Elliott has autism, which means he sees the world a little differently.

He doesn't like loud noises and he doesn't like change. So not being able to do the things he usually does is extra hard.

Like many kids, Elliott can't go to school, play sport, or visit family and friends.

But he's come up with some amazing things to keep him happy. Watch his advice in the video above.

Elliot playing a board game
Elliott playing a board game

Elliot has written a home study schedule and found a place in the house where he can do his work without getting disturbed.

He recommends having lots of creative time and has set himself a 30-day Lego making challenge.

He's even got his whole family to join in with family board game night.

Elliott also says getting outside for walks every day is making him much happier and he can listen to nature and even pretend to be one of his favourite animals.