#VitaminN: How to enjoy nature under lockdown

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We've all been told to stay at home right now to help stop the spread of coronavirus. Sometimes there's loads of fun stuff to do indoors, but sometimes it can be tough.

You might be missing going for bike rides whenever you like, playing in the park with your friends or going for picnics.

One of the ways you can help improve your mood is through nature - and don't worry, you don't always have to be outside to enjoy it!

A number of charities and organisations, including the Mental Health Collective, The Wildlife Trusts and World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), have got together to come up with the #VitaminN campaign.

It's a list of fun activities you can try that involve nature - but don't necessarily involve leaving the house.

For example watching wildlife webcams or opening your window to see if you can hear birds singing.

Whilst many people are likely to feel a bit stuck at home there are opportunities to make space for nature - whether it's stopping for a moment to look out of the window and take notice of what's around, watching wildlife activity on webcams or having some fun with daily indoor nature-themed challenges.

Craig Bennett, CEO of The Wildlife Trusts

Here are five things you can try:

1. Early bird

Take part in the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds' (RSPB) #BreakfastBirdwatch for a moment of calm before you start the day.

The Breakfast Bird Watch takes place between 8am and 9am on weekdays. The RSPB wants people to share what they can see in their garden, on their balcony, or on their rooftops.

Natasha Yorke-Edgell, from the RSPB said: "Whether it's listening to the birds outside or watching a butterfly go past your window, we know the more time people spend with nature, the more it will lift our spirits."


2. Spring scavenger hunt

Ask your parents to set you a special challenge - or you could even come up with one for them!

It works by thinking of things, such as pine cones, daisies, pebbles and dandelions, that they then have to find in either the garden or on a daily exercise walk.

Empty egg cartons are a good home for the natural treasures you find!

3. Grow your own

You don't need a garden to grow your own veggies, just some seeds and a shallow tray.

4. Build a bug hotel

Celebrate invertebrates by making a creepy-crawly community centre on your doorstep or balcony.

Get creative and use old boxes to make homes for insects and spiders.

5. Nature yoga

Learn a range of wildlife-themed yoga poses!

One move is called the frog, and another's called the heron! See if you can master those moves.

yoga-poses-inspired-by-nature.Vitamin N

Will you try any of these activities? Let us know what you think of them and how you get on in the comments.

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