Worship during the Coronavirus

Due to the current social distancing measures, going out to your local church or synagogue isn't really allowed. However, some of you are finding new unique ways to practice your faith at home.

Subheg is Sikh, and he usually attends a Gurdwaras. Due to social distancing, he now prays at home with his family and even watches live prayers on Facebook.

Edward and Issac are Christian, and they usually attend their church on Sundays. Even though they miss their friends from Church, they watch live prayers from their church online at the same time as their friends.

However, for Yakira, things are the complete opposite. Yakira lives in her Shul, and prays with her family inside a big empty synagogue.

Yakira counts herself lucky, because she still gets to go to Shul, and she can't wait until everyone can come together again.

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