Coronavirus: The amazing ways people are helping hospitals around the world

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NHS staff and hospital workers across the world have been working incredibly hard to help patients in hospitals who've been affected by the coronavirus.

The huge impact of the virus means that medical staff are treating lots of people at the moment and, as a result, many hospitals are facing shortages of some of the equipment needed.

A lot of this equipment is known as personal protective equipment, or PPE, and it helps people like doctors, nurses and hospital cleaners work around sick people without getting ill themselves.

PPE includes things like masks, gowns, protective goggles, face visors and gloves.

Some individuals and big companies are now supporting doctors, nurses and other hospital staff by stopping making their normal products, and instead using their machines to produce some of the supplies healthcare providers desperately need.

Eye protection
rudra-nakade-gps-and-visor-frames.Manisha Nakade
Rudra (left) has been using 3D printers to make face shields for NHS staff

Amongst those helping the NHS by making protective gear is Rudra.

At just 15-years-old he decided to use his 3D printer to help make face shields for NHS staff who are treating those with the coronavirus.

After seeing news stories about hospital staff having limited supplies, Rudra realised he could help them out. He's been printing the face shields and giving to NHS staff for free over the last few weeks.

Since he started, Rudra has been given two more 3D printers to help him increase the number he can make.

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Some popular clothing brands have started producing gowns for medical staff and patients

Fashion brand Ralph Lauren normally make very expensive designer clothing. However, it has stopped making designer gear to start helping out medical staff.

The company is using its factories to make protective masks and gowns for medical staff in hospitals.

It's aiming to produce 250,000 masks and 25,000 gowns for frontline workers.

Other clothing companies such as Canada Goose and Gap have said they'll use their factories to produce gowns and other clothing for medical staff and patients in Canada and the US.

Hand sanitiser
hand-sanitiser.Getty Images
Lots of beauty companies have started making hand gels for hospitals

Other companies have also turned their efforts to making hand sanitiser. Beauty brand L'Oreal is producing hand sanistiser for nursing homes and hospitals across Europe.

Another beauty brand, LVMH - who own companies like Christian Dior and Givenchy - has also promised to produce hand sanitising gel in its perfume factories for public health authorities.

Beauty brands Clarins, Estée Lauder and L'Occitane have all agreed to help make hand gel for hospitals too.

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