Mental Health: How does nature help YOUR wellbeing?

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Now we all love having fun outside, but as we are in the house so much right now, getting outside can also be great for your mental health!

Now a group of some of the UK's biggest nature, environment and mental health organisations has launched a campaign to help people connect with nature and boost their wellbeing.

The charities involved include the RSPB, the Wildlife Trusts, National Trust, the Wilderness Foundation, Nature Friendly Farming Network, The Climate Coalition, Mental Health Collective.

They have given 5 suggestions so tell us which you like the sound of and tell us in the comments if there's something YOU love to do when you get to go outside right now.

The current restrictions mean it's not as easy to visit our favourite parks and woodlands, but there are ways to connect with nature. Just listening to birdsong from the window, or looking at a tree in the distance, can help you to feel happier and more relaxed.

Eleanor Ratcliffe, Environment psychologist

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