Coronavirus: Easter bunny can come during lockdown, says NZ PM

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WATCH: Jacinda Ardern answers question about Easter bunny's 'key worker' status

One thing lots of us might be wondering this week is: will the the Easter bunny be affected by the new self-isolation measures introduced to fight the coronavirus.

Well, New Zealand's Prime Minister has offered some crucial guidance.

Jacinda Ardern has reassured children, and quite a few chocolate-loving adults if we're honest, that the bunny will be on duty this Easter, despite the country's lockdown and restrictions on travel.

She said that the Easter bunny and tooth fairy are essential workers who are delivering essential services. This means they are able to carry on with their very important work.

New Zealand has been in total lockdown for nearly two weeks, with no-one allowed to leave their home unless they're buying essential supplies, or taking exercise.

But Ms Ardern also warned that there's still a chance the bunny might not be able to visit everyone.

"As you can imagine at this time they're going to be potentially quite busy at home with their own bunnies and so I say to the children of New Zealand: If the Easter Bunny doesn't make it to your household, we have to understand it's a bit difficult at the moment for the bunny to get everywhere," she said.

Prime Minister Ardern has suggested a solution: children make their own Easter hunt for all the children in their neighbourhood.

"Maybe draw an Easter egg and pop it on your front window and help the children in your neighbourhood with their own Easter egg hunt because the Easter Bunny might not make it everywhere this year."

Screengrab-of-Facebook-post-by-Jacinda-Ardern.Jacinda Ardern

It's a similar idea to the rainbows lots of you have been putting in windows over the past few weeks, but with an Easter-themed twist.

It couldn't be easier to get involved, with Ms Ardern even sharing a template for kids to colour in.

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