Are you getting the Easter school holidays off?

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The way we are living right now is making our lives strange in loads of ways - not least when it comes to school holidays.

Lots of you are either already having - or are about to start - what would normally be your Easter break.

But with many of you learning from home and some of you still going into school - for example if your parents work for the NHS - the end of term has been a bit weird.

Even when you are supposed to be off, some schools are staying open and online classes from people like Oti Mabuse and Joe Wicks are still going on.

So we want to hear from you about what you're doing - and what you think about it.

Let us know - are you getting Easter off or are adults still giving you lessons?

Are your family giving you time off or are you still having to work - maybe the way things are right now feels like one big holiday to you?

Vote for the answer that fits you best and leave a comment below!

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