Coronavirus: Why it's important to stay at home this weekend

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Lots of people like to head outside when the weather is warmer

Spring is finally here! The sun is out, the weather is warmer, and the trees are beginning to blossom.

Lots of people may be tempted to spend all day outdoors to take advantage of the nice weather, but the government and the police are urging people to stay at home. This is to help tackle the spread of the coronavirus.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has warned people not to go to beaches or parks to sunbathe. While, Prime Minister Boris Johnson tweeted his thanks to "everyone who is saving lives by staying at home this weekend".

The British public are also being told to stay away from places like national parks to prevent large crowds gathering.

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The government's call for everybody to stay indoors doesn't mean people can't leave the house at all.

People can still leave the house to go for walks or runs with members of their household, and they can also go out to buy necessities like food and medicine.

Everyone is being encouraged to stay local when going out and people should also make sure to practice social-distancing.

To enjoy the CBBC Newsround website at its best you will need to have JavaScript turned on.
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How can people still enjoy the warmer weather?
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There are lots of safe and creative ways for you to make the most of the sunnier weather.

Why not get out in the garden if you can and give one of these ideas a try? Or perhaps you could host a watch party where you stream films set in the spring or summer? You could even have your very own indoor picnic!

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Why not try having a picnic indoors or in your garden?

What are our top tips for making the most of the weather while your indoors? Let us know in the comments!

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