Coronavirus: The BBC Own It app has a new feature to support users

Last updated at 14:46
child-on-phone.Getty Images

The BBC Own It app has a brand new feature to help children who might be worried about coronavirus.

The app, which aims to help keep its users safe online, includes a special keyboard which gives children relevant support and advice as they type.

This keyboard is now able to pick up on any words typed which are linked to Covid-19 and can automatically offer supportive advice that can help children who might be anxious about the effects of the virus.

How else can the app help users?

The app includes several other features to help its users at this time. This includes:

  • a diary feature to help children express themselves and track their emotions
  • gifs and emojis which children can use to communicate with friends
  • lots of fun quizzes and videos which also show users how they can stay safe online
  • privacy settings - everything that is typed is kept private and never leaves the app.

The app is free to download from the Apple and the GooglePlay app stores.