Fancy Dress Friday: If Joe Wicks can get dressed up why shouldn't you?

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man-in-spiderman-costume-hanging-from-shelves@thebodycoach / Twitter
Joe showed off his spidey-skills by hanging off some shelves - do NOT try this at home or you might have a sore wrist like Joe

Unless you've been in lockdown under a rock, you may have already heard of a certain gentleman who is on a mission to keep us all fit instead of sat on the sofa all day!

Joe Wicks' morning workouts have become a favourite for many families staying at home.

Today Joe performed his morning workout in style - dressed as the superhero Spiderman!

Lots of you followed his lead and have suited up in your best fancy dress costumes for your workouts.

two-kids-working-out-in-fancy-dressGetty Images
Alexander and Charlie workout with Joe Wicks in their sitting room

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Joe Wicks' top five exercises

Have you got any workout tips? Leave a comment below on what motivates you to keep fit during lockdown!

a-woman-and-two-children-dressed-up-in-fancy-dress-in-front-of-tv@dennaspencer1 / Twitter
Mum Denna has dressed up as Florence Nightingale with her son as Wonder Woman and daughter as Kylo Ren!
girl-with-drawn-on-beard-and-eyebrows-dressing-up-as-joe-wicks@chrisbrewer1 / Twitter
Chloe grew a full beard for Fancy Dress Friday, dressed with a cast she makes the perfect Joe Wicks copycat
two-children-dressed-in-onesies@dpbham / Twitter
Shreeya and Om are taking this theme back to Halloween dressed as a rainbow unicorn and a smiley pumpkin

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