Witchbrook: Harry Potter meets Stardew Valley in this new game

Last updated at 09:06
Become a potion-making master!

Take a look at these MAGICAL new pictures of upcoming game Witchbrook!

Witchbrook is a "magical school and town life simulator" and has been described as a mixture of Harry Potter meets Stardew Valley.

The game takes place in a magical school where you can make friends with other students, develop your magic abilities by going to classes, visit people who live in the nearby town, and unravel the mysteries of the school...

Players can also go fishing, grow their own magical crops and master secret spells.

Players will be able to visit the local town

The new game is being made by a UK-based indie games studio called Chucklefish.

Developers have said the game is still being made, and is "quite a while off yet", but the new pictures and details they have revealed might mean there will be more updates soon.

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