Bafta Games Awards 2020: Ceremony cancelled but awards will take place online

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Here's what happened at last year's Bafta Games Awards

The Bafta Games Awards are usually a night where the best creators, animators, voice actors and composers all get together at a huge, lavish ceremony to celebrate the year in gaming.

But due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the ceremony has been cancelled and the award winners will be announced via a live stream.

But which of your favourite games are nominated for awards?

'The Untitled Goose Game'
untitled goose gameHouse House/Panic
The basic mischievous nature of the game captivated players

Yep - the Untitled Goose Game is nominated for not one, but FOUR Baftas!

In this game, players control a goose on the loose, who bothers the villagers in a quiet English market town.

It's in the running for Best Game, Audio Achievement (which celebrates the best sound in the gaming industry), Best Family Game, and Original Property - a category which rewards originality in gaming.

'Luigi's Mansion 3'
Luigi's mansionGetty Images

This family favourite one is also up for four awards including, Animation, Family, Multiplayer and the big one - Best Game.

Planet Zoo

This is the follow up to the hugely popular Zoo Tycoon where players are able to build their own zoo, and fill it with 80 species of animals.

That one is nominated for Best British Game.