Emoji quiz: Can you guess the big news stories of 2019-20?

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Emoji quizzes - where you have to work out a subject or person through emojis - are really popular at the moment.

So why not try to crack our Newsround emoji quiz?

The nine emoji questions above are all to do with major news events from the last 12 months.

And you'll be able to find the answers at the bottom of this page. So, scroll down when you've finished working it all out.

See how many you can get and post your scores on the comments section below.

Here are questions one to three
Here are questions four to six
Here are questions seven to nine
The answers - don't cheat and look here first!

1. Prince Harry and Meghan step back from royal duties and plan to move to Canada

2. Greta Thunberg tackles global warming at a number of high profile protests

3. Brexit

4. Boris Johnson elected Prime Minister as Britain votes in the 2019 General Election

5. Australian bushfires

6. Tokyo 2020 Olympic games cancelled over coronavirus fears

7. US President Donald Trump faces impeachment trial

8. Coronavirus pandemic

9. Marvel's Avenger's Endgame becomes highest grossing film of all time

How did you get on? Did you guess them all without looking? Which ones did you get stuck on?

Let us know in the comments.

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