Home schooling: Which online class will you join?

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To help stop the spread of the coronavirus, the government has closed schools, which means many of you are now doing your lessons from home.

Well, if you're missing your teachers and their fun lessons then why not try one of these virtual classes.

From YouTube stars to big celebrities, lots of people are putting together various activities and videos that you can try for free online, so why not give them a go.

And if you go to BBC Bitesize, from 20 April, some famous faces like Karim Zeroual, Oti Mabuse and Katie Thistleton will help out with the lessons, as well as some brilliant teachers from places like the Royal Shakespeare Company and Puffin Books.

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Remember, before you click on any link that takes you to social media or YouTube to speak to your parents. If you see anything that worries you talk to a grown up straight away.

Joe-WicksGetty Images
Joe Wicks has become your new PE teacher

Joe Wicks is getting the nation moving. Every morning, Monday to Friday, at 9am, Joe is doing an online PE class for everyone, to wake you up and get moving in the mornings.

Whilst school is closed, Joe has taken on the role as your new PE teacher to wake up and shake up with. If you'd like to try his exercise routine, you can watch it on his YouTube channel.

Oti-MabuseGetty Images
Oti Mabuse has been teaching dance lessons online

Do you want dance like a Strictly star? Well, Oti Mabuse has you covered; join her at 11:30am on her social media accounts to learn a new routine.

You could become a cha cha cha champion or terrific at the tango! Oti is also joined by her husband, Marius Lepure, who is becoming a Strictly pro this year.

holly-king-mand-teacherHOLLY KING-MAND/FACEBOOK
Holly King Mand has children tuning in to her English lessons from all around the world

It's time for English! Join teacher Holly King-Mand for her daily live lessons. From synonyms to Shakespeare, Holly provides task sheets for you before the class so you can join in.

David-WalliamsGetty Images
Children's author David Walliams will be releasing 30 free audio stories

If you've finished your English lesson and are ready for story time then children's author David Walliams is here to help.

David has started releasing 30 audio stories every day for 30 days. Head to David's website for your daily story.

signpost-with-english-german-french-italian-spanishGetty Images
Would you like to learn a new language?

Bonjour, hola and hallo! Some of you might have been learning a new language at school and might be missing the lessons.

Well Rosetta Stone is a website where you can learn lots of different languages all for free, why not take a look.

natasha-lmab-and-kelly-annNatasha Lamb/YouTube
You could learn sign language at home with Natasha and Kelly Ann

Why not learn sign language? Join Natasha and Kelly Ann to learn vocab, such as your school subjects, alphabet and animals.

Science and adventure
steve-backshallGetty Images
Join Steve Backshall for wildlife lessons

Steve Backshall has been hosting live lessons on his YouTube channel. Join him for wildlife learning and you can even ask your parent or guardian to ask Steve a question on his twitter account.

Maddie-moate-and-greg-footMaddie Moate/Instagram
Join Maddie Moate and Greg Foot for their family science show

Join CBeebies presenter Maddie Moate and science journalist Greg Foot for a daily live show exploring all things science and nature.

From how to make a poo, planting tomatoes and dissecting daffodils. Check them out at 11am Monday to Friday!

bear-gryllsGetty Images
Chief Scout Bear Grylls has some amazing indoor activities for you

If you can't get outside, then why not take on an indoor challenge. Bear Grylls, outdoor extraordinaire, has teamed up with the Scouts to create 100 indoor activities.

You could create your own miniature catapult, make a monster bookmark or build a tiny twig raft.

Maths and digital skills
Carol-VordermanGetty Images
Maths whizz Carol Vorderman has allowed her website The Maths Factor to be free for children to help them with their maths skills

If you'd like to test your maths skills why not join The Maths Factor. The website has loads of interactive games, video tutorials, and quizzes to test your knowledge.

Maths whizz and former Countdown presenter has made her website free whilst schools are closed. Why not get testing your times tables!


iDEA is a website where you can learn lots of new digital skills. You can complete courses, which allow you to collect badges on a range of fun and interesting topics like animation, making websites, graphic design, and more!

For every badge you complete you can earn points and eventually achieve a certificate. It's free to everyone so take a look.

myleene-klassGetty Images
Music lessons with Myleene Klass

Are you missing your music lessons? Well, join singer, pianist, and ex pop star Myleene Klass for some virtual music lessons.

Everyone can get involved, you don't need your own instrument to join in. She has even been joined by her daughters Ava and Hero too.

how-to-draw-marioWill Sliney/YouTube
Learn how to draw Mario

Is art your favourite subject? Do you like Marvel movies? Well fear not, Marvel comic artist Will Sliney, has worked on Spiderman and Star Wars comic books and now he is teaching children how to draw.

Head to his YouTube channel to learn how to draw The Simpsons, Animal Crossing, and Mario.

And finally...
wishjar-and-post-it-notes-with-wishesKatie Eborall/Facebook
Why don't you keep a wish jar at home

Whilst you are at home, why not prepare for all the future adventures you may have? Some children have been creating a wish jar, where you can write down things you'd like to do once life gets back to normal.

It might be making a sandcastle at the beach or having a sleepover with friends; write it down, pop it in the jar and look forward to the adventures you will soon have.